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How To Install Wordpress With Softaculous

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Installing WordPress through Softaculous is the recommended way of installing, it is both quick and easy. Here are the steps:

- First make sure you have already added the domain or created the sub-domain
- Scroll down in cPanel to Softaculous and select WordPress


- Fill out the fields as needed and at the bottom click Install.

If you chose https in the URL > Protocol section you may have a https error when visiting your site. This is normal at this point and safe to use, the reason for this is you are using the servers shared SSL. You can fix this by issuing a SSL for your domain in cPanel. Look for SSL/TLS Status and click "Run AutoSSL".

Your domain or sub-domain needs to resolve to the server you are on with us before running this. If you use our nameservers then no action is needed, the system has already taken care of this for you.

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