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Help! My Site Appears To Be Down

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If your site seems to be inaccessible and or you cannot send email the first thing to check would be if it is only you. If you cannot send email check your site, does it also seem to be down? If so enter your site's URL here and see if it is also seen as inaccessible:

If that site shows that the site is up it is most likely that your IP has been blocked by our security. To unblock your IP you can first go here and record the IP that is shown:

After that you can unblock your IP in the system by entering it here:

If you still encounter the issue please open a ticket and supply your IP address.

Why Does Your IP Get Blocked

Our security systems are constantly checking for and protecting against malicious attacks against websites and services on our servers. The most common cause of a block is repeated attempts to login to email accounts with an incorrect logins. Our system will see this as a possible brute force attack and block the offending IP.

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